Certificate Attestation Services

Certificate Attestation Services

Certificate Attestation Services

All the Indian produced certificate that are affiliated by the Indian government that needs to be produced in other country be it for any purpose needs attestation this process gives a seal that this particular document could be shown in front of the foreign officials and they cannot claim it to be hindered or doped .

People usually go several places in the world just to roam around or for some official reasons. Similarly, some people visit other countries to get higher education, some look forward to job opportunities, This process since is very essential we genuine attestation services pays special attention to get it done in the most efficient way so that our clients don’t get any sort of difficulties in any country regarding their certificates.

State Attestation

State attestation is required before MEA attestation, where depending on the type of document, relevant state attestation is required. For example in case of educational documents, attestation from State Education Department is required. In case of personal documents, Home Department or General Administration Department of the concerned state should attest the document prior to attestation by the MEA

 MEA Attestation or Apostille

MEA attestation or apostille is done only after attestation by the relevant state authorities

Embassy Attestation

Embassy attestation is done after the MEA attestation/apostille

Why do we need Certificate Attestation?

Certificate attestation is also known as authentication or legalization. Usually certificate attestation is require following circumstances:-

  • Certificate attestation for get employment in abroad.
  • Certificate attestation for higher study in foreign country.
  • Certificate attestation for visa transfer
  • Certificate attestation for getting family visa.
  • Certificate attestation is the process of attesting (do seal and signature ) on the original Certificate by authorized person or department like regional authentication center of the state government, ministry of external affairs and embassy of the foreign countries.



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