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Know the process of Certificate Attestation for UAE

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Know the process of Certificate Attestation for UAE

Know the process of Certificate Attestation for UAE

Attestation For UAE | Get Attestation Certificate for UAE

Attestation for UAE. Get attestation certificate for UAE from India. Genuine attestation services provide UAE attestation services for education, living and working in UAE.

The United Arab Emirates is the confederation of seven states, and the country is popularly known as Emirates or UAE. The seven states or emirates, belong to UAE are Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain. 

The Indians who want to step into the country, whether for employment, business or educational purposes, need to grab the authentic details regarding the Certificate Attestation for UAE. The Government of UAE will ask for all certificates related to education and professional duly attested by the Indian Embassy or the Consulate of UAE. The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs will further attest to these documents before granting you a UAE visa. Hence, individuals must understand the genuine process of Attestation Certificate for the UAE.  

Educational documents required for UAE attestation certififcate

Individuals need to keep the educational documents like certificates of all professional courses, Post Graduate degree, Management Degree, Diploma Degree, UG Degree, Ph.D. Degree, Engineering and Technical Degree.  

Process of educational document attestation for UAE

Primarily, you need to get all your educational certificates from the HRD department of your state. Next, these are to get attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi, and finally, the UAE Embassy in Delhi will do the attestation.  

Process of attestation of non-educational certificates 

Similar to educational certificates, non-educational documents like birth certificates, medical certificates, marriage certificates, salary certificates, divorce certificates, employment certificates, and transfer certificates are also required to get attested. 

At first, individuals need to get attestation of these certificates from the state's Home Department, and the Ministry of External Affairs authenticate these documents. Then, finally, the Embassy of UAE does the final attestation to get the VISA.  

Benefits of Attestation certificate for UAE

The document attestation process comes with loads of advantages, as mentioned here. 

  • You become secure as a foreigner in the country- Once the Foreign Ministry of UAE properly attests all your documents, you become a secured foreigner in the country. It means the Indians Embassy takes the entire responsibility for your protection during your stay in the UAE. The UAE Government cannot charge you with any illegal entry means, and you can take the help of the Indian Embassy if any emergency occurs. 
  • Easy availability of residence and amenities- Once all your documents get attested by the UAE Government and receive the VISA, you become eligible to enjoy all the facilities in the country as a foreigner. It becomes easy for you to get a residence, educational opportunities and other local amenities in the country.  
  • Easy to fulfill your purpose - If all your documents get attested by the UAE Embassy, your purpose of staying in the country will never be interrogated. So, whether you visit the country for education, travel, trading or employment, your purpose will get solved easily. 
  • Helps to get your Employment VISA- If you are eagerly waiting to establish your career in the UAE, you need to get all your documents attested for hassle-free employment visa availability.