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What is the process of legalization for Egypt?

What is the process of legalization for Egypt?

Document Legalization For Egypt takes a different approach as Egypt is not a signatory to the Hague Apostille Convention. Since Egypt is not a signatory to the Hague Convention the process of documents and certificate validation requires a multi-level authentication for documents. The first step to get the document validated of legalization for Egypt is to get the documents authenticated and stamped from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD)

Egypt since long has been a crown jewel in the middle eastern countries. Egypt because of its rich natural heritage, cultural diversity and tourism industry attracts a large chunk of people from all around the globe. If you are planning to visit Egypt it is imperative to get your documents and certificate legalized to have a smooth settlement in this beautiful country.

Once the document is authenticated by the government of India, it is then taken to the embassy of Egypt for their perusal. Once the Embassy of Egypt is satisfied with the authentication and validation of document and certificates, and is satisfied about the purpose of your visit to the Egypt, the embassy affix its stamp on the documents signifying the approval and validation of the documents.

This affixation of stamp on your documents and certificates symbolizes that now you can lawfully enter the borders of Egypt without being questioned of your visit. Since the legalization for Egypt is a complicated and delicate process it is in your best interest to outsource it to the experts who knows the nuances and the guidelines of the process of legalization for Egypt.

The Genuine Attestation Services for a long period of time has been involved in getting the documents and certificates authenticated for Egypt and neighboring countries. Because of our long involvement in the attestation and legalization industry, our team knows what is the best practice to get you and your documents and certificates attested for Egypt visa without getting it rejected. Our team consists of professionals who have an extensive experience in dealing with the legalization for Egypt and Gulf countries.

We understand the nuances and the guidelines which the country of Egypt places on the individuals visiting their country. Keeping these guidelines in mind is imperative before applying for legalization for Egypt, so that your visa is approved without being put on hold and you as an individual can have a hassle free settlement in the foreign country.

Once your document and your certificates has been legalized by both the countries -

the Home country and the Host country, you will be regarded as a foreign citizen in Egypt and all of your rights will be protected by the law. Apart from that in case of any emergency in Egypt you will always have an option to get your query resolved at the Indian Embassy. Thus, if you are planning to visit Egypt for higher Education or for employment purpose


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