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Apostille Attestation In Mumbai

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Apostille Attestation In Mumbai

Apostille Attestation In Mumbai

How to get Apostille Attestation in Mumbai?

Relocating abroad for educational, professional, or business purposes is not new, and aspirants worldwide want to shift to other nations to get good opportunities for study and jobs. In India, aspirants from different states seek opportunities to settle in other countries to get a better academic career and professional life. Many business people also want to establish their start-ups abroad looking forward to more customer engagement.

If you also want to shift to other countries, especially those under the Hague convention, you need to get all your documents, Apostille. Many professional agencies like Genuine Attestation services are there to help you in completing the legal process.

Apostillation is not like the normal attestation of documents, and this process is simply followed if individuals are willing to move to western countries under the Hague convention.


Difference between Apostillation and Attestation

Many are confused with the two legal processes, Apostillation and Attestation, and both are authentication processes for documents. Apostillation of documents is done in a specific format, which is accepted only in countries under Hague Convention. Most Western countries are under the Hague Convention. It is a stamp that the MEA attaches to the reverse of the documents. This stamp possesses a unique identification number via which the authentication of the documents can be checked online. Attestation comprises three stages - State Authentication, MEA attestation, and Embassy Attestation. Attested copies are accepted in all countries other than those under the Hague convention.


How can you get Apostille Attestation in Mumbai?

Apostillation of certificates is required to be done for three types of documents – Education or academic, personal, and business documents. The legal process includes lots of operations, and hence you need to hire professionals before documenting Apostille. The experts of these service providers will guide you and get all your documents Apostille without hassle. 
First, all your documents are in place for state authentication. HRD authenticates the educational documents, and the Sub-divisional magistrate certifies other personal documents. The steps of document Apostillation are Notary Attestation, GAD attestation, SDM attestation, HRD attestation, and MEA attestation. 


Information required for Apostillation
Once your certificates are apostilled, it means that you are now eligible to enter the destination country. While you are opting for Apostillation, you need to mention the information mentioned below. 
•    Country of origin from where the documents are issued
•    The name of the individual to whom the document is issued
•    Place and number of the certificate.
•    Stamp and seal of the organization that is issuing the certificate. 


What advantage do you get from the certificate Apostillation?

Well, once all your documents get apostilled, you are eligible to enter other nations. You will be considered as a foreigner in that country and will enjoy all the benefits over there. 
Once you submit your Apostille documents, it becomes easier to search for a residence in that country. You can get admission to colleges or universities in that country for higher studies. Moreover, you will get all protection from the Embassy of your country.