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Apostille for Oman

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Apostille for Oman

Apostille for Oman in India is obtained through certified Legalization Agencies that help the candidates undergo the necessary procedure. Getting Certificates Apostilled is a pivotal procedure for attaining a visa for family visits, jobs, higher studies, or business expansion. The Apostille process for Oman is slightly complex and time-consuming. So here is your simple guide to Apostille for Oman in India.


Why do we need Apostille for Oman?

Apostillation Process is a simpler alternative to the attestation procedure specifically for the countries part of the Hague Convention. Oman is a part of it demands the Apostille stamp on the documents required for the visa sanction. The process majorly includes a sticker of approval by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) that marks the immigrant as a reliable individual who can operate in Oman.


What is the Procedure to Get Apostille for Oman?

Apostille for Oman requires knowledge of all related documents, intricate attestation policies, and authority to reach out to the designated authorities. The Apostille takes place as per the purpose of your visit to the country- family visit, employment or business expansion. Primarily personal documents, educational documents and Commercial documents are required for the Apostille procedure.


The Apostille process for Oman is discussed in detail below:

Personal/ Non-Educational Documents Apostille for Oman Embassy

These are essential documents that are mandatory to bear the Apostille stamp for all purposes of the visit to Oman.

Step 1: The documents are attested by the Home Department of the respective state

Step 2: The documents are then attested at the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi.

The documents involve:

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Bonafide Certificate

  • Birth Certificate

  • Police Clearance

  • Medical Certificate

  • Power of Attorney


Education Certificate Apostille for Oman Embassy

These are the documents that require an Apostille stamp when one is immigrating to Oman for higher studies. The process involves:

Step 1: Initially, the HRD of the respective state verifies the documents.

Step 2: The documents finally bear the Apostille stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

Education Documents Required:

  • Mark sheets

  • Degree/ Diploma Certificate

  • Provisional Certificate

  • School Leaving Certificate

  • Character Certificate


    Apostille Procedure for Commercial Documents

The Chamber of Commerce (COC) is specifically designed to verify the applications of business expansion abroad.

Step 1: Chamber of Commerce (COC) approves all the commercial documents for the visa procurement.

Step 2: The documents are sent to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for final attestation.

The documents required:

  • Certificate of Origin

  • Invoice

  • Power of Attorney

  • Partnership Documents

  • Certificate of incorporation

  • And more


How Can I get my Documents Apostilled for Oman in India?

As mentioned before, getting documents Apostilled for Embassy is a slightly complicated procedure. An individual must reach out the designated authorities through an attestation agency. Genuine Attestation Services is one such reliable agency that provides quick, efficient and expert assistance in providing Apostille for Oman and other embassies.

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