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Applying For Nigeria Visa? This Is What You Must Know!

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Applying For Nigeria Visa? This Is What You Must Know!

Applying For Nigeria Visa? This Is What You Must Know!

Those who are planning to study or work in Nigeria and are applying for the visa need to know one very important thing and that is that they need to submit attested documents. Yes, attestation of all the educational and personal documents is a must.

The attestation process is a three-step process and you can approach a company that offers embassy attestation and Apostille service in Delhi for the same. So if you want to apply for the visa for Nigeria then you need to complete the below-mentioned procedure.

Step 1:

First of all you have to take the documents attested by the State. The educational documents have to be attested by the State education department. In the case of non-educational documents, the attestation has to be done by the Home department of the State.

Step 2:

Once the State attestation is done the next step is MEA attestation. MEA stands of Ministry of external affairs. Once the documents are attested by the State Department they have to be taken for the attestation by the MEA.

Step 3:

Finally comes the Nigeria Embassy Attestation. The documents that have been attested by the State Department and MEA are to be submitted in the Nigerian embassy for attestation. The documents are then attested by the Nigerian embassy.

On completion of this three-step process, you can now submit the documents for applying for the visa. Attestation is a very important thing as it shows the authenticity of the documents. Only attested documents are accepted for permanent visa applications. The entire process can take a number of days. The process is tedious and it can be a taxing thing for someone who is not aware of the exact process.

To avoid problems choose a professional service provider:

If you are not very keen to do all the running about involved in the embassy attestation then you can hire a professional service provider who will take care of the attestation services. There are some things that you need to keep in mind while choosing the service provider.

  • Choose a service provider who has years of experience in handling the attestation assignments
  • Choose a legitimate company that has a good reputation and one whom you can trust.
  • Choose a company who knows the complete attestation process properly.
  • Choose a company that will take care of the original documents and will not lose the documents. Remember that if you lose the documents then it can create many problems for you.
  • Always go for a company that will maintain complete confidentiality about the personal details of the client. Keep in mind that your original documents contain many important personal details which should not fall in the hands of wrong people.

In order to simplify the attestation processes select a good company that will provide the best services. Also, make sure that you submit original documents that are not laminated. If the documents are laminated then they have to be delaminated.


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