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Certificate Attestation for Italy

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Certificate Attestation for Italy

Italy is one of the most preferred foreign destinations for work, study, and business Certificate Attestation is a crucial step in securing Italy's visa. Document Legalization plays a pivotal role in proving the authenticity of the documents and the genuinity of the person obtaining a visa permit. Educational and Business Document Attestation for Italy can be slightly complicated and time-consuming, but the proper guidance from a reliable agency can help you complete the process seamlessly.


Certificate Attestation for Italy

Certificate Attestation for Italy demands an attestation (Apostille) stamp from the Italy Embassy or Consulate that acts as verification proof of the document essential for the immigrant's visa. An important point to note is that Italy is a part of the Hague Convention which means that the documents have to bear Apostille (stamp) from the assigned government authorities to sanction the visa.


Documents Required for Certificate Attestation for Italy

The Apostille stamp is produced directly on the original documents. Thus different documents need to be produced for different purposes (Education, Business or family stay). Additionally, all the documents must be in a well-maintained position so that the Apostille stamp is recognizable to the authorities in Italy.


The types of documents required are:

Personal Documents

  • Birth Certificate

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Affidavit

  • Character Certificate

  • Provisional Certificate

Educational Documents

  • Degree Certificate

  • Diploma Certificates

  • Mark sheets

  • Experience Letter

  • Transfer Certificate

  • Migration Certificate

  • Provisional Certificate

  • Etc.

Commercial Documents

  • Invoice

  • GST Certificate

  • Power of Attorney

  • Certificate of Origin

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Etc.


Procedure for Attestation in Italy

The Attestation for Italy takes place at multiple stages and involves various authorities, largely depending on the nature of the documents. Like Notary, Home Department, Human Resource Department (HRD), State Home Department (SHD), Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), and the Embassy.


Process for Personal Certificate Attestation for Italy

The Personal Certificate Apostille verifies the documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, affidavit etc., for obtaining a visa for study, work and business purposes.

Step 1: The first attestation is done by the Home Department of the respective state of Residence.

Step 2: This is followed by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) attestation.

Step 3: The documents are then sent for translation into the Italian language

Step 4: The documents finally bear the stamp of the Italian Embassy, New Delhi 


Process for Educational Certificate Attestation for Italy

Educational Documents are required for higher studies, a job in Italy. The set involves a wide range of testimonials like Mark sheets, provisional certificates, transfer certificates, affidavits, etc.

The Process for Educational Document Attestation is as follows:

Step 1: After the documents are legalized at the university level, they are sent to the Human Resource Department (HRD) for state government verification.

Step 2: Once the HRD attests to the original documents, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) produces the final stamp. 

Step 3: The documents are then sent for translation into Italian Embassy. 

Step 4: After the MEA Apostille, the original documents are sent for translation to the Italian Embassy/Consulate.


Process for Commercial Certificate Attestation for Italy

The business documents for Italian Embassy are primarily apostilled by the Chamber of Commerce in the following procedure:

Step 1: All commercial documents and certificates are verified mainly by the chamber of commerce (COC), New Delhi.

Step 2: After COC apostilles the documents, the certificates will be sent to MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) for final Attestation.

Step 3: The MEA now sends the documents to the embassy consulate for final legalization.


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