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Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

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Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

Certificate Attestation Documents are legalised through certificate attestation. To use your documents for international purposes, you must go through the certificate attestation process. Attesting your certificates increases their credibility. Genuine Attestation Services, is one of the prominent providers of attestation services in Mumbai. The experts here are eager to guide to get educational, non-educational and commercial certificates attested. 

Importance of Certificate Attestation

Certificates legalized by the designated authorities makes allows you to operate business, pursue higher studies or visit family in the country abroad.  The entire process sanctions you as a reliable and accountable person to operate in an international setting. 

Process for Certificate Attestation

Document Attestation for any embassy is a lengthier process and comprises multiple documents depending on the purpose of visit to the country. People generally migrate to International locations for higher studies, jobs, business expansion or family visits. The Embassy demands Personal, Educational and Commercial document Attestation for the same.

Personal Certificate Attestation 

This process is carried out to attest all non-educational or personal records for visa purposes. The personal document attestation procedure is:

Step 1: The document verification is initiated by the Home Department of the respective state.

Step 2: The documents then head to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi, for verification.

Step 3: The documents get a final nod from the respective country Embassy in New Delhi.

List of Personal Documents:

  • Birth Certificate

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Single Status Certificate

  • Experience/Employment Certificate

  • Medical Proof

  • Transfer Certificate (TC)


Educational Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

Getting Education Documents Attested from the designated authorities is a must to visit the country for higher studies. 

The process can be a little tedious and involves an array of relevant documents.

Step 1: The documents are first verified by the university where the candidate is/was enrolled.

Step 2: The documents are then sent to Human Resource Department (HRD) for regional Attestation.

Step 3: After HRD Attestation, the Educational Records get a stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). 

Step 4: The verification finally takes place at the Embassy of the desired country in New Delhi.

List of Educational Certificates for Attestation

  • Mark Sheets

  • Medical Degree Certificate

  • UG Certificate

  • PG Certificate

  • Professional Degree/ Diploma Certificate

  • Experience Certificate


Commercial Certificate Attestation Process

Commercial Documents are required when an individual is planning to visit abroad for business expansion. The process proves the authenticity of your firm and makes it abroad-ready.

The process of commercial Certificate Attestation involves:

Step 1: Firstly, the commercial documents are attested at the Chamber of Commerce.

Step 2: After that, the documents get verified by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), New Delhi.

Step 3: Finally, the documents get a nod from the Embassy, New Delhi.

List of Commercial Certificates for Attestation 

  • Power Attorney

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Export Invoice

  • Packaging Invoice

  • Certificate of Origin



How to get a Certificate Attestation in Mumbai?

The process of document legalisation is more difficult than it appears. It's a complicated procedure that necessitates professional assistance at each stage. Genuine Attestation Services is one such attestation agency that delivers prompt, effective, and dependable assistance at every stage of the authorization process around the country.

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