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All You Need to Know About Commercial Document Attestation

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All You Need to Know About Commercial Document Attestation

Commercial Document Attestation

The business has been flourishing successfully in the domestic market, now considering expanding it overseas but confused about where to begin the legal process. Does that sound like you? Give this article a read to know all about commercial document attestation for your international business to be.


Why do you need Commercial Document Attestation?

Legalization of commercial documents is a mandatory process to run business operations in any foreign land. 

All the documents on the formation of the business (incorporation certificates) or business functioning (like an invoice) must bear attestation/apostille stamp from the designated authorities. The process establishes trust, credibility, and validation between the two business parties or countries involved.

One needs Commercial documents attested:

  • To expand business abroad

  • To extend partnerships in a foreign country

  • To purchase a commercial property in foreign land

  • To export products and Services


List of Commercial Documents required for Attestation

Documents attestation is a pivotal part of the visa procurement process (for any country). It involves the legalization of an array of documents of personal and educational records. Commercial document attestation also incorporates a wide range of certificates that needs authority verification.

They are:

  • Commercial Document

  • Export Invoice

  • Invoice Bills

  • Insurance Certificate

  • Packaging list

  • Power of Attorney

  • Shareholder Agreement

  • Certificate of Origin

  • Certificate of incorporation

  • Chemical analysis report

  • Physical analysis report

  • Etc.


Process of Commercial Document Attestation

The legalization process for business purposes involves initial verification by the Chamber of Commerce. An organization explicitly embodies to authenticate business-related documents for the international visa.

The detailed procedure is listed below:

Step 1: The first step is to get all the commercial documents verified at the local business association called the Chamber of Commerce (COC).

Step 2: Next, the documents bear the stamp of the central government represented by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

Step 3: Finally, the documents are sent to the Embassy attestation of the intended foreign country, which legalizes the documents for the commercial visa.


How can I Attest my Commercial Document Attestation?

Commercial Document Attestation is a way to check the overall legitimacy of your business before it flies abroad. The process is complex with intricate policies and is time-consuming, making it extremely frustrating for individuals to get the process done independently. Genuine Attestation Services is a real pal of those seeking Commercial Document Attestation Service for any country. We pride ourselves on our team of professionals who are equipped with the right knowledge, expertise, skill and are available at your service across the major cities of India.

We keep you posted throughout the process and remove all the (visa) hurdles that might stop your business from going global.

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