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Get Document Attestation Services in Delhi

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Get Document Attestation Services in Delhi

Attestation services refer to official verification of personal, professional and commercial documents required by the individuals to operate in India and abroad. The legalization process is performed by top officers at MEA, embassy officials and consultancies together. 

The documents then stand for the credibility of an individual who wishes to fly abroad. 

How Can Attestation Agencies help?

Document Attestation Agencies facilitate the entire process from the individual’s end and authority’s end both. Agencies make documents accessible to the government and boost group action for timely verification. Most importantly, the agencies harness you with the power of convenience, transparency and credibility in the process of obtaining the certification documents. 

What to Expect From Document Verification?

The chief objective is to prove the credibility of the individuals who are meaning to operate in India or abroad. The group action of documents renders transparency and reliability between the official authorities and individuals. The process is mandatory if one wishes to procure a resident, student, or employment visa in a foreign country. This crucial demand is thus pivoted by Document Attestation Agencies. 

How do I Get my Documents Attestation Done in Delhi?

There are numerous Document Attestation Agencies in Delhi, and finding one that suits your needs can be a tedious task. 

This is where Genuine Attestation Services comes to play, we equip you with the best and the most comprehensive services for document verification. Rendering Convenience and Speedy authentication are our strengths. 

We specialize in the following authentication services:

  • MEA attestation

  • Embassy attestation

  • Apostille Attestation

  • HRD attestation

  • Home Department/Mantralaya attestation

  • Notary attestation

Categories of Document Attestation.

There are majorly three types of documents that require authentication- Personal, Educational and Commercial. Wherein, Personal Documents like, Birth certificates, Marriage Proof, PCC are a must for every purpose.

  • Personal Documents: Birth Certificate, Proof of Residence, Marriage Certificate, Identity Card etc.

  • Educational Certificates: Matric Mark sheets, College-going Certificate, SLC, Employment Proof.

  • Commercial Documents: Financial Statements, Export invoice, Power of Attorney etc. 

Importance of Educational Document 

Detailed Educational Certificates are required by different governments to verify the credibility of an individual’s academic documents. It is especially required if a person applies for a teaching position abroad. His/her academic background and tutorial proofs are thoroughly verified by the concerned authorities with a mandatory HRD stamp on the documents. Detailed Degree Verification is a must in countries like Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, and Saudi Italy etc.  

Time Required for Document Attestation in Delhi

The array of documents that we mentioned above require an elaborate group action by the consultancy and (MEA) authorities, both. 

The period of the document verification depends on three factors— the country chosen for verification, the nature of the documents and the Attestation Consultancy that you hire for your service. 

How Can Genuine Attestation Services help?

Genuine Attestation Services is a master in Document Handling, Apostille Attestation, Notary Services and HRD Services. Our client-driven approach harnesses you with the power of convenience, comprehensibility and speedy document attestation.