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How can I get my educational document attest?

Aspirants in recent days have become more interested in completing their higher studies or research work in foreign countries. So if you are also among them and want to relocate to other countries for higher study, research or employment purpose, you should not forget to keep your educational documents attested before applying for a Visa. 

While you opt to apply for a visa, you need to submit duly attested educational, personal, employment and commercial documents. But, individuals will find it tough to complete the attestation process successfully as they hardly possess detailed knowledge about the attestation rules. Only a professional attestation service provider can complete the process hassle-free. Well, if you are also searching for a professional agency, Genuine Attestation Services will be the right choice for you. The experts of this company will let you know the entire attestation process and will do the needful on time. 

Types of education certificates need to attest

The educational certificates that you need to keep ready for attestation are

  • SSC certificate

  • HSC certificate

  • Diploma Certificate

  • Engineering Certificate

  • Nursing certificate

  • MBA degree certificate

  • Certificates of Master’s Degree, etc

Process of educational documents attestation

The procedure to authenticate the educational certificates is known as the attestation of the educational certificate. A particular process is followed to complete the entire attestation process successfully. Only professional attestation service providers can help you get your educational certificates attested and let you know the entire system. 

SDM or HRD attestation:- It is the first step of certificate attestation. Here all your educational documents will get duly sealed and stamped by the concerned authority of your state. 

MEA attestation- Once your educational certificates get attested by the HRD or SDM of the concerned state, these documents are sent to MEA for further attestation. The officials here will do the necessary verification and will attach a stamp, signature to these documents. 

Embassy attestation- Finally, the Embassy of the destination country will do the necessary attestation to these educational documents. 

Benefits of educations documents attestation 

Whenever you plan to migrate to another country, the migration procedure becomes stress-free with proper attestation of your educational documents. Now, you are free to use these educational documents in the destination country. The attested certificates make it easy for you to fulfill your aim to get a job with a good package or complete higher studies in that country. Getting admission to colleges or universities becomes easy with the help of attested educational documents. Aspirants can also apply for scholarships showing these attested documents to the universities and academies. 

Apart from education or employment, if you want to extend your business in a foreign country, you also need to submit attested educational documents along with commercial and personal documents. Attested documents always make your presence in the foreign country legal, and your activities will never be inquired about. Attested documents also help to get a resident. Additionally, in the course of any disasters, you will get essential assistance from the Embassy of your nation that locates in a foreign country. 


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