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Confirm Genuineness of Documents through Embassy Attestation

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Confirm Genuineness of Documents through Embassy Attestation

Confirm Genuineness of Documents through Embassy Attestation

Have you always wondered why attestation is done? The foreign countries to which you are planning to travel are still concerned about the genuineness and legality of the documents once they are presented to them. The overseas governments need evidence that the materials are real. It becomes difficult for foreign countries to accept these documents unless their authenticity is established. This is where the verification of documents becomes necessary. 

Going Through the Purpose

On the reverse side of the original documents, attestation is done. Irrespective of the country from where you hail, certification is universal. Even if the original materials are laminated, the lamination is first removed, and then attestation is done. If the records show signs of fragility, then they endure damages in the process. Under such circumstances, you should apply for new ones. Saudi Embassy attestation is necessary for those students who want to pursue higher studies in this part of the world.

In Case Of Lost Cases

HRD Delhi performs degree attestation in Delhi for educational documents. In the initial phase, it is the Human Resource Department of State, which takes care of the attestation part. The facilities may vary from one state to another. In case you have lost the original educational certificates, you will have to drop in at the respective college or university. The submission of the Lost Certificate Application is necessary for this stage. The next step is lodging a First Information Report with the police station of that specific territory. You should obtain a copy of FIR duly signed by the Duty Officer. The copy of the FIR should contain the Indian Penal Code number. Whenever you need to apply for duplicate certificates, you can use these copies. Follow up will be required at regular intervals.

Apostille Matters

If you search the net, then you will come across sites which clearly state the procedure for apostille of different documents step by step. This kind of attestation is accepted in all the countries which are a part of the Hague Convention. This certificate is issued to certify the genuineness of a public document. Certification is not required once a document is apostilled. The objective of such a report is to verify the origin of the relevant public document. Such a public document may be a birth, death or marriage certificate, an extract, or a judgment. 

Making The Right Pick

You should find the right company for attestation services. It is a wise idea to use online resources for carrying intensive research work for this purpose. The use of wrong services may have an adverse impact on the outcome. Make sure that the company you select is known in the market for its expertise in document handling. Inquire about the pricing structure in detail before you finalize your decision about a company. Do not judge by the price factor alone. The aim is to pick a company that is known for its professionalism without compromising on the quality of finished work.