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What Is HRD Attestation? List of Documents Required

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What Is HRD Attestation? List of Documents Required

HRD attestation is the verification process by the Human Resource Department (HRD) ministry of the respective state. Its purpose is to validate academic documents and records. You cannot skip the process of HRD attestation. You must have your educational papers and certificates attested regardless of where you intend to move. Every Indian state's Home Department and the regional verification centre, which is under the education department of the state home department, have been given authority to certify educational data and certifications. 


When Is HRD Attestation Required? 

HRD attestation is mostly required when travelling to a different country with the intention of study or employment to demonstrate the legitimacy of your certificates in their country, as well as while applying for a student visa, work visa, or employment visa. It is used to demonstrate the legality of your records to the officials of the particular country; the necessity for it varies depending on the nation and the reason for your visit. 


List Of Documents Needed

You will need to submit the following documents to the concerned ministry for HRD attestation in Delhi: 

  • Original degree certificate 

  • Copy of passport 

  • Copy of mark sheet 

  • Copy of the offer letter (in case of student visa)

  • Two passport size photographs 


Procedure Of HRD Attestation In Delhi

You cannot directly visit the HRD ministry, the step that precedes HRD attestation is the verification of your documents by your university or board. 


  1. Certificate Verification 

Certificate verification is the first step in the HRD attestation in Delhi. It is a mandatory step before going for HRD authentication. University or the board which issued your academic certificates will perform this authentication process. The concerned authorities will verify your documents before giving a stamp and signature of verification. 


  1. HRD Attestation

After the certificate verification step, you can go for HRD attestation. This process occurs in the Human Resource Department of the state government. The officials will certify your original academic records according to the embassy's requirements. 


Time Taken For HRD Attestation In Delhi 

The amount of time it takes is determined by many factors, including the service provider, the state from which you applied (in this case it is Delhi), the sorts of documents you want to have certified, and the kind of university verification required. It usually lasts 15 to 25 days, but it can go up to two weeks longer than a month.


HRD Attestation Services In Delhi 

Going through the entire process and receiving a seal on your academic certificates was undoubtedly a time-consuming and stressful experience. Many agencies and agents in Delhi have quick access to having documents attested, including Genuine Attestation Services. It provides you with trusted and reliable services of HRD attestation in Delhi. Its skilled professionals will guide you with the process and will timely complete the process of verification of your documents. Apart from HRD attestation in Delhi, the service provider also gives facilities of attestation and apostille of all kinds of documents. So, you can reach out to the firm whenever you want quick and authentic verification of your documents.


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Everything You Need To Know About HRD Attestation

Authentication has become one of the significant processes when an individual is going to outside nations for different nations.


Documents Required for Certificate Attestation

Attestation refers to testifying the credibility of an individual who wishes to fly abroad for educational, employment, or commercial purposes.  The process involves an all-around attestation of multiple documents/degrees by higher officials at MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) and officers at the intended country.