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Facts you need to know about Document Attestation

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Facts you need to know about Document Attestation

Attestation is a process where all the documents get validated, and this helps an individual in legal entry to other nations. Individuals who intend to step into the other country, whether for occupation, trade, or educational purposes, need to grab the authentic details regarding the Certificate Attestation process. Many are not aware of the entire legal process of attestation, and hence they need to get in touch with professionals to complete the task hassle-free. 


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Types of documents to be attested  

While you are planning to relocate to other nations, you need to keep all the necessary documents ready for attestation. Educational certificates, commercial documents, and all personal certificates are required to get ready for necessary attestation. 


Educational certificates for attestation 

The aspirant should keep ready all the academic certificates. These should include certificates related to all professional courses, SSC, HSC, Management Degree, Ph.D. Degree, Diploma Degree, Engineering degree, Post Graduate degree, UG Degree, a degree in Nursing, Pharmacy and Technical Degree. 


How to do attestation of educational certificates

Well, at first, all your educational certificates are to be presented to the officials of the HRD department of the respective state. The officials will do the necessary attestation to these documents, and then these get attested by the Ministry of External Affairs. Finally, the officials of the Embassy of the destination country do the necessary attestation. 


What are non-educational certificates? 

Like educational certificates, other non-educational documents are also to get attested. Non-educational certificates include all your personal documents like your birth certificate, medical certificates, employment certificate, salary certificates, marriage certificates, , certificates related to divorce, migration certificates, etc. All these certificates are to get attested before you apply for the Visa. 


Process of attestation of personal documents

To get personal documents attestation, you need to get the help of a professional service provider like Genuine Attestation Services. At first, the personal documents get certified by the Home Department or SDM of the respective state. Next, these documents are authenticated by the officials of the Ministry of the External Affairs, and finally, these are attested by the Embassy of the destination nation.


What are the commercial or business documents?

Business documents are required to get attested if individuals are moving to other nations for business purposes or want to start a new venture in that nation. These documents include incorporation certificate, Trade licenses, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, and other legal documents. 


How to get business documents attested?

Business documents get attested by the Chamber of Commerce at the primary stage. Then these attested documents are sent to MEA for further attestation. Once the MEA authenticates the business documents, the Embassy of the destination country does the necessary attestation to these papers.   



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Everything You Need To Know About HRD Attestation

Authentication has become one of the significant processes when an individual is going to outside nations for different nations.


Documents Required for Certificate Attestation

Attestation refers to testifying the credibility of an individual who wishes to fly abroad for educational, employment, or commercial purposes.  The process involves an all-around attestation of multiple documents/degrees by higher officials at MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) and officers at the intended country.