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Get detailed process about Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

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Get detailed process about Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

Aspirants who want to move abroad for employment, business, education purpose, they need to get their certificates attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, India. All educational, employment and business documents should get duly sealed and authorized by the Government officials before you present them for application of Visa. 

If you are in Mumbai, getting a Certificate Attestation in Mumbai has become quite easy at present. Let’s check the process of attestation before you apply for Visa. The entire attestation process involves three stages. 


First stage- State Attestation

The state attestation of documents depends on the purpose of your relocating to other countries. State attestation is necessary before MEA authenticates your certificates. At first, all the certificates are to be attested by the HRD department of your state from where these documents were issued. Then, all educational documents should get attested by the Education Department of the respective state. Finally, other non-educational certificates are to be sealed and authenticated by the Department of General Administration officials of that respective state. 


Second stage- MEA Attestation process

At this stage, all the documents that the respected state has already attested get authenticated by the MEA or the Ministry of External Affairs. Indian nationals can present these attested documents to other nations where they want to move. 


Third stage- Embassy Attestation

Once all your educational and non-educational certificates get authenticated from the Ministry of Affairs, you must present them for the Embassy Attestation. 


Benefits of Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

Individuals planning to move to other countries for employment, education, or simply for traveling purposes need to get all their documents attested before applying for Visa. However, many are still unaware of the advantages of certificate attention. Well, they can go through the benefits of documents attestation mentioned below.

  • Security as a foreigner-  Once you carry attested certificates with you, the Government of other nations will consider you as a foreigner in that country. Hence you get the utmost security in that nation, and you will get the help of the Embassy of your country during any emergency. If you don’t possess properly attested papers, you will not be able to get security in that nation. 
  • Easy availability of residence- Embassy attested documents help you to get residence abroad without hassle. Besides, it will become easy to avail of other basic amenities. But, if you don’t possess properly attested certificates, your existence will be considered illegal in that country. 
  • Transparency- Once you possess attested certificates, your aim to stay in the country becomes transparent to the Government of the country. It means you will never be queried for your activities in that nation. This gives a smooth way to carry on your activities and fulfill your dream for which you are in that nation. 
  • Safety to your family- Besides educational, other un-educational certificates are also required to get attested. This attestation process will keep your spouse, children and other family members safe and secured.