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Comprehensive Guide for Beginners to Understand Importance of Attestation

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Comprehensive Guide for Beginners to Understand Importance of Attestation

Comprehensive Guide for Beginners to Understand Importance of Attestation


Everyone dreams to be a successful person in life. In this race, some of them got success in their own soil whereas a few got in some another country. Nowadays, a large number of people are traveling internationally for an ample number of reasons. It could be due to higher education or for employment and immigration. But before you plan your international journey, you should know that documents in the foreign countries play an important role. You need to ensure that your documents get authenticated from the concerned state authorities. If you failed to provide authentic documentation then you can face rejection or difficult to stay in that particular country.

What It Is So Important To Get Your Documents Attested?

Since there are thousands of people travel to another country for any of the reasons that is why it becomes crucial for a country to verify his or her personal, educational and commercial documents to avoid any type of travel obstruction to a person. In simple words, traveling abroad requires a visa. It only issues when designated officials of a country attest your papers and make them verified as per their process. It could be your degree attestation in Delhi or could be any personal document, it has to be duly stamped and verified to get a hassle-free journey. If not then you might face trouble at any time of the trip.

Different Types Of Attestation Available In The World

  • HRD Attestation – It is also known as Human Resource Department Attestation. Here you can get your educational documents and certificates attested to prove the originality of your academic related documents. It is required if you are moving to pursue your further education.
  • Notary – It comes from the local notary mostly in the form of a signature that authenticates the documents of different types for a number of reasons.
  • Embassy – It means when you travel to any international boundary for any miscellaneous reason you have to get all your important documents verified by the embassy or the consulate of India. For example – the UAE embassy attestation in Delhi.
  • MEA – It is also known as the Ministry of External Affairs attestation. It is simply gets done after all the attestation by the concerned state authorities.
  • Apostille – It is basically the name for a particular certificate, granted by the Secretary of State. It is a type of certificate which is attached to your papers to authenticate so that I will be acknowledged in all those counties who are members of “The Hague Apostille Convention”.

Final Words

So far you have seen its meaning, importance and different types. Hence, it has become important to take attestation seriously as it might interrupt your dreams of travelling to another country. The verification of documents is also important as it makes you legalized to another country and ensures you a hassle-free journey. In addition, make your documents readily available always if you have any plans for this.