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Marriage Certificate Attestation in India

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Marriage Certificate Attestation in India

Marriage Certificate Attestation in India

It means the act of witnessing a marriage by authorised person/persons/Departments/authorities with their official seal and signature is known as attestation of marriage certificates. This attestation also verifies that the given Marriage certificate was issued by the specified department, and that the seal and signature on that specific Marriage certificate is authentic

Why is Marriage Certificate Attestation Required?

The attestation of a marriage certificate is one of the most important legalisation steps, and it entails obtaining an attestation stamp from the authorised officials. It must be done from the country that provided the certificate, which is India. The purpose of marriage certificate attestation is to verify the legitimacy of a document that will be used in another country. It is usually required to show that you are legally married and helps you obtain a family residency visa or sponsor your spouse. For further processing, the issuing authorities require the following papers. This certification can be authenticated by the country where the marriage took place.

Process of Marriage Certificate Attestation in India.

Marriage Certificate comes under the category of Personal documents that are of non-educational, non-commercial nature.  All your Personal Certificates like Birth Certificate, Passport, Identity cards etc. needs an attestation stamp regardless the reason of your abroad visit.

Here’s how your Marriage Certificate gets Attested in India:

Step 1: First the documents get verification from the Home Department of the respective state.

Step 2: The Marriage certificate is then sent to Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for attestation.

Step 3: The certificate finally gets sanctioned by the respective foreign embassy in New Delhi. 

How to Get Marriage Certificate Attestation in India? 

You can receive necessary certification for your personal documents by using attestation services. Genuine Attestation Team provides caters to all your certificate attestation needs in India. The services provided are accounted for and noteworthy, and the staff is focused on the client. We've been familiar with the area for years and now provide quick and painless services. All of the services given are legal, and we will handle the entire procedure for you. We also provide pick-up and delivery services to meet your needs. We will meet your attestation requirements that a client considers essential.


Certificate of Marriage Attestation can be obtained from the certificate's issuing country. For use in India, the certificate must be attested by the concerned Home Department/MEA and the embassy of the nation to which the certificate holder intends to go.


We can finish the entire process, including attestation, even if the certificate holder is not in the issuing nation.