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Procedure for Marriage Certificate Attestation for Sri Lankan Visa

Procedure for Marriage Certificate Attestation for Sri Lankan Visa

If you are planning to apply for the Sri Lankan visa and there is a need to give attested marriage certificate then you have to be ready to follow a long process. This is not an easy attestation. One needs to follow certain steps in order to complete the attestation.

Here Are The Details For Marriage Certificate Attestation:

The first step will be the notary attestation. In this notarisation, the marriage certificate has to be stamped by a Notary. Only after this step is completed you can proceed for the next step. This is the home department attestation.

In the home department attestation, the verification has to be done from the home department of your state. The marriage certificate which has been attested by the notary is then submitted to the home department. They will verify and attest the document. In case it is not possible to get the attestation from the home department then attestation has to be done by the sub-divisional magistrate.

The next step is MEA attestation where the attestation is done by the Ministry of external affairs. This government department is responsible for the country’s foreign relations. After the State attestation MEA will verify if the document is genuine.

Finally comes the Sri Lanka Embassy Attestation step. Once the MEA attestation is done only then the personal documents can be submitted to the embassy for the final seal and signature. 

In the attestation process, the original documents that are to be attested have to be submitted. The applicant will also have to submit a copy, of the passport. If any other supporting documents are needed then the applicant has to submit those documents as well. The process can take 8 to 10 working days or sometimes it may even take a longer time.

Always Better To Choose Attestation Service Provider:

As you can see that the embassy attestation of personal documents like marriage certificate etc cannot be done with ease. It is a long process and all the steps have to be completed. Any mistake and your documents will not get attested and you will not be able to apply for the visa.

Now if you feel that you will not be able to complete the process on your own or if you are getting confused then there is a way out. You must opt for a professional service provider who takes the responsibility of completing the embassy attestation of your personal documents.

You will have to submit your original documents and hence you need to be very careful. It is therefore, important that you choose only reputed attestation service providers who will make sure that they keep your documents safely and return them back to you. 

If you want to apply for visa, for different countries then you will have to go through the process of embassy attestation. If you’re finding it too tedious and are not sure about how to complete the process then hire the best attestation service providers.


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