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Process of Apostille Attestation

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Process of Apostille Attestation

Process of Apostille Attestation

Apostille Attestation - Process Of Apostille Attestation in Delhi

Apostille attestation. Process of apostille attestation in Delhi. In this blog, you will get to know the process of apostille attestation. And why do you need apostille attestation?

How Is Apostille Done? 

Apostille attestation is a document authentication process required when applying for jobs in another country. It also is required before starting a business in another country. It's a computer-generated record with a one-of-a-kind identification number on the back. It preserves a document on the internet and makes it easy for officials to check its accuracy. In countries that have signed the Hague Convention, this testimony is valid. More than 116 countries, including India, recognise an apostille document and a part of the process of apostille attestation. You can do apostille of personal documents like affidavits, birth, death or marriage certificates, Power of Attorney, etc. and educational documents like diplomas, degrees, secondary level certificates and enrollment. 

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What Is The Procedure Of Apostille?

Apostille attestation is becoming common these days due to its benefits. The general process of apostille attestation in the following -:


  1. Document Verification

There are different assigned authorities of the state or union territory for other attested documents. These authorities verify your original documents before the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). Typically, MEA grants an Apostille attestation only after state/union territory specialists have authenticated papers from a specific perspective. 


  1. Certificates Legalisation 

The MEA will validate, legitimate, or attest the validated papers only when the appointed authority in the State Government or Union Territory has confirmed them with seal/stamp and signature. MEA would approve documents or certificates based on the signatures of designated authorities. The main reason for this is that MEA takes no responsibility for the data contained in each assigned document. 


What  Are The Different Documents Needed For Apostille Attestation?

You can opt for an apostille attestation for a variety of papers. Private, educational, and commercial documents are the three most common types of apostille attestation. There is a specific purpose for these documents, and you can pick one that best serves your needs. These documents have their own set of authorities at the initial level. Here is a quick rundown of what these documents are about:  


  • Private Documents Apostille 

Private documents apostille involves obtaining an apostille stamp for your personal information, including your birth certificate, adoption deed, marriage certificate, and other essential papers. Obtaining Notary and SDM attestation, as well as an apostille from the MEA, would be the first stages. 


  • Education Certificate Apostille 

Your education certificates are the records that associate your qualifications, what you've studied, and how well you've done in school. Attestation may differ depending on the type and origin of documents, such as a degree certificate, mark sheet, transfer certificate, etc. 


  • Commercial Document Apostille 

Everything relating to your capital, commerce, partnership paperwork, and so on comes under your commercial documents. There are two methods to getting apostille documents for your commercial papers: Chamber Of Commerce Attestation and MEA provided apostille. 


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