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Process of Apostille Birth Certificate in India

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Process of Apostille Birth Certificate in India

Birth Certificate in India:

Apostille is a procedure that must be followed by anyone who wishes to relocate to another country under the Hague Convention. People may choose to relocate for reasons such as employment, education, or business. Whatever the reason, everyone should have their documents apostilled before applying for a visa. This legal procedure authenticates your documents, ensuring that you have no problems when relocating to a new country.

What is Apostillation of Indian Birth Certificate?

Certification of birth Apostille is required for individuals to relocate to countries covered by the Hague Convention. Furthermore, if they are written in a regional language, they must be translated into English. The certificate, along with the originals, must be submitted to government offices for attestation. The Apostille will be performed on both the original and the translated copy, as this will be required during the Visa application process.

What is the Process of Birth Certificate Apostillation in India?

Before you Apostille your birth certificate, you must first understand the process. You should consult with experts or hire professional agencies such as Genuine Attestation Services in this case. Let us now examine the process of birth certificate attestation, also known as Apostille.

Step 1: The documents are verified by the local Notary

Step 2: The Certificate is Apostilled by a higher authority Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

Documents Required for Birth Certificate Apostillation

Every Apostillation or Attestation process involves affixing a stamp on a set of original documents that are relavant for procurement of visa.

The documents required for Indian Birth Certificate Apostillation are:

  • Original Birth Certificate

  • Translated Certificates

  • Passport

  • Passport size Photographs

Are there any benefits involved with Apostilled Birth Certificate?

Many people are still unaware of the benefits of Apostille of Certificates and frequently inquire about it. This procedure is required for those who wish to relocate to countries covered by the Hague Convention. Many aspirants want to relocate to these counties in order to improve their chances in education, employment, and business. Let's look at the benefits of getting your certificates Apostilled before moving to another country.


  • The government of the destination country consider it as your identity proof.

  • On can start a business legally in a country abroad

  • The process ensures the safety of individuals and their families in that country who will be entitled for all the benefits.

Where can I get Birth Certificate Apostilled near me?

Getting certificates Apostilled is not as complex as attestation procedure, however, it demands complete knowledge of the procedure. It is advised to go about it via trusted Attestation Agency like Genuine Attestation Services, where a highly skilled team will hand-hold you through the entire process.


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