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Attestation - Steps for Marriage Certificate Attestation in India

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Attestation - Steps for Marriage Certificate Attestation in India

Attestation - Steps for Marriage Certificate Attestation in India

Purpose and Procedure of Getting Marriage CertificateAttestation in India 

Marriage certificate attestation is a verification process of marriage-related documents needed abroad. It confirms the validity of the marriage between the individuals named on it internationally. 

When Is Marriage Certificate Attestation Required? 

Marriage certificate attestation is an essential process for couples who wish to live together abroad. It is authentication for a legal marriage. It will be beneficial when having a child and enrolling them in school. Marriage certificate attestation is also required for: 

  • Family residence visa 

  • Dependent visa 

  • Employment 

  • Education 

  • Sponsorship for the spouse 

Marriage Certificate Attestation in India 

Marriage certificate attestation in India is a multi-step process; wherein every step is important. Before applying for marriage certificate attestation, it is crucial to collect the documents required for this process. 

Documents Required 

Marriage certificate attestation in India requires the following documents:

  • Original certificate

  • Passport copy

  • Visa copy

  • Two photographs

  • Authorization letter 


The steps for marriage certificate attestation in India start from notary attestation and end with embassy attestation. The necessary steps are mentioned below: 

  • Notary Attestation 

Notary attestation is the first step for marriage certificate attestation in India. It is the primary authentication step in which the documents are stamped with the Notary Public Office's Notary Stamp. 

  • Home Department Attestation 

The state home department carries out the verification of personal documents. Here, the marriage certificate is verified. Other documents like birth certificates and death certificates are also confirmed by the department. 

  • SDM Attestation 

SDM attestation is the verification process done by the sub-divisional magistrate. It is an alternative to home department attestation and can only be performed by SDM in Delhi. 

  • MEA Stamp 

Ministry of Home Affairs (MEA) performs the last step for marriage certificate attestation in India. The MEA stamp is applied to the documents at the end of the process. 

  • Embassy Attestation 

This is the last step for verification of the marriage certificate. It is usually done by the personnel of the concerned country. 

How can I get my Marriage Certificate attested in Delhi?

Marriage certificate attestation is a crucial step in procuring your visa for abroad.  There are multiple agencies in Delhi to assist you in the process, Genuine Attestation Services is one such legitimate organisation that assures quick and legitimate Marriage Certificate Attestation Services in Delhi and across India.

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