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What are the Types of Document Attestation

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What are the Types of Document Attestation

Document Attestation is done to ensure the validity of the documents that confirms your authenticity as a person who wishes to fly abroad for personal, professional or commercial purpose.   As a legal procedure for immigration, it is required by the citizens to claim their authenticity though signatures and handwriting. Thus, the chief purpose of a document is to authorize it. 

There are various types of documents that need attestation which highly  depends on the purpose of visiting the chosen country. For instance, commercial documents are only required when one is visiting the country abroad for business expansion. 

What is the purpose of Document Attestation? 

The prime purpose of attesting a document is simply to authorize it.  As per the Indian law, attestation of the certificates is mandatory for multiple purposes.  Under Section 90 of the Indian Evidence Act, 187, the court considers the authority of the document possessor by his/her signature. Second major purpose of document attestation is to ensure that possessor of the document is sound mind and agrees to the terms and conditions. 

What are the Types of Document Attestation?

There are numerous types of documents that require authority attestation. They are as follows: 

Notary Attestation

It is common and mandatory for all kinds of legal procedures and is also the first and foremost step of document attestation procedure.  It is done by obtaining signature/stamp from a local notary.  

Home Department Attestation 

This refers to attestation of personal documents e.g. Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, etc.

Human Right Department Attestation

This is done to authenticate the educational credentials like diploma certificate, degrees, job experience proof etc. This is applicable where an individual wishes to go abroad for further studies or job. 

Sub-divisional Magistrate Attestation

It is performed as an independent action and is mostly offered as an alternative to HRD Attestation (mandatory in exceptional cases) 

Chamber of Commerce Attestation

This organization authenticates commercial documents of individuals who wish to expand their business in a foreign nation.  This particular attestation legally verifies the business that is being set. 

MEA Attestation

The Ministry of External Affairs Attestation deals with verifying abroad-related documents. This is primarily done via MEA stamps on the intended papers. 

Embassy Attestation: 

A major attestation performed by the country you wish to migrate to. It verifies the all-round authenticity of the documents and hence of the person. 

Apostille Attestation

This is the most commonly mentioned variant when it comes to the attestation procedure.   This process is primarily performed by the Ministry of External Affairs for those 117 Hague Convention Nations. The documents attested in this category are of personal kind– Birth certificate, marriage certificate, educational credentials etc. 

What is the Process of Document Attestation?

Multiple documents for various purposes are attested by different authorities:

  • Personal Documents are attested by HRD.

  • Educational Certificate Attestation is done by union territory/state government.

  • Commercial Documents are attested by Chambers of Commerce Ministry

However, an individual cannot approach these authorities directly for the attestation.  The whole process has to be performed by an outsourced attestation agency.  This is where Genuine Attestation comes in, as one of the best agencies to perform document attestation services near you