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What is the process of Legalization for Vietnam?

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What is the process of Legalization for Vietnam?

What is the process of Legalization for Vietnam?

The official name of Vietnam is the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and is a beautiful country situated in south-east Asia. The country is primarily divided into 58 provinces and is currently the 16th most populous country in the world. Vietnam because of its natural scenic beauty and rich cultural history attracts a number of tourists from all around the globe. Some visit Vietnam for getting around and sight-seeing while for other the country provides them with the much-needed employment and business opportunities. Increasingly, a number of Indians have been moving to Vietnam either for vacationing or for employment opportunities.

The reason why increasingly a number of Indian populations is moving to Vietnam is majorly because of two main reasons: First Vietnam is very close to India offering expansion of business opportunities and secondly Vietnam is increasingly becoming a major tourist destination for all the travelers from all around the world. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is not a signatory to the Hague Convention and thus the rule of apostle and document certification is a multi-process starting from the Ministry of External Affairs of India and Finalizing at the affixation of seal stamp at the Embassy of Vietnam.

For any Indian citizen who is willing to work in the Vietnam has to go through the process of Legalization For Vietnam. In legalization for Vietnam the individual’s documents and certificate both academic, non-academic as well as commercial certificates are validated by the Indian ministries which are then forwarded to the Vietnam Embassy for further approval. You cannot apply for Vietnam visa until and unless your documents and certificates are not legalized for Vietnam. The document legalization for Vietnam not only validates your document and certificate but also brings a number of advantages along with it:

Your Visit to the country of Vietnam is secured and pre-approved by the Vietnamese Authorities –

Your documents and certificates are pre-approved and validated by the Embassy of Vietnam thus bringing in the much-needed transparency of your visit to the Vietnam and therefor when you set your foot within the Vietnamese border there is virtually no questioning relating to the purpose of your visit as it has already been validated and legalized by the Indian as well as the Vietnamese authority.

The validation and attestation secures your right as a foreigner in the foreign country –

When your document is validated and legalized by the competent authorities, it secures you and your right as a foreigner in the foreign country. This will also help you to settle yourself and your business freely in Vietnam and authorize you to afford basic necessities such as housing, sim-cards, bank accounts and Driving license.

Since Vietnam is not a signatory to the Hague Convention it follows the Multi-Process of Legalization for Vietnam. The process starts from the Notary Attestation of legalization for Vietnam and then proceed to get the documents attested by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Government of India. The third step involved is getting the certificate and documents both academic, non-academic and commercial to be attested and validated by the Ministry of External Affairs. Once all the authentication and validation is approved by the Indian Authorities the documents and certificates are submitted to the Embassy of Vietnam for their perusal. Once the Embassy of Vietnam is satisfied related to the authentication and validation of document it will affix its stamp or its seal on the documents symbolizing that the process of Legalization for Vietnam is complete and your visa has been approved meaning you can go freely to Vietnam without any hindrances.