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When Certificate Attestation For UAE is Required?

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When Certificate Attestation For UAE is Required?

When Certificate Attestation For UAE is Required?

United Arab Emirates commonly abbreviated as UAE, for long has been an educational and working hub for people all around the world, however, when it comes to India approximately 25% of the total population of UAE is Indian. This is because of the large opportunities which the gulf nation has to offer in terms of employment. A large chunk of Indian population is working in the construction or other allied industries in the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) in order to satisfy itself of the legality and validity of the documents and the person visiting its country would require your documents to be authenticated through its embassies throughout the world. If you are planning to visit UAE either for employment purpose or for educational purpose you need to get your certificate attested firstly from the ministry of external affairs and then from the UAE embassies.

Once your certificates are successfully attested by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), these certificates are submitted to embassy of UAE. Once the embassy is satisfied with the legality and authenticity of document it will further attest all the educational, non-educational and commercial certificate already attested by MEA for grant of visa.

The Certificate Attestation for UAE is required not only for getting your documents authenticated in a foreign country but also for having a seamless flow of process in getting your visa approved. It is important to note that UAE is not the signatory to the Hague Apostille Convention and thus the process of Certificate Attestation for UAE is a bit different from those countries which are signatory to the Hague Convention, and therefore a due diligence process should be followed while applying for UAE visas. Before applying for UAE visa, all your documents need to get attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India before submitting the same to UAE embassy for further authentication.

All the academic documents, non-academic documents and commercial activities documents and certificates are first attested by the Ministry of External Affairs. Since United Arab Emirates (UAE) has got a strict policy in place relating to immigration of people from around the world, it is imperative to be well aware of all the laws and regulations that the UAE government has put in place relating to its visa requirement and formalities which strictly needs to be followed. At Genuine Attestation Services, we have seasoned professionals who have specifically worked in the domain of “Certificate Attestation for UAE” and knows the In and Out of getting the Certificate Attestation for UAE in a comprehensive manner.

If you are planning to visit UAE either for employment or education purpose and require visa approval for the same, we at, Genuine Attestation Services can get your certificates attested for UAE within a shortest span of time. Our team consists of members who have worked extensively in getting the certificate attested for UAE for visa requirement as well as for other formal prerequisites.