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Why marriage certificate attestation is required?

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Why marriage certificate attestation is required?

While you plan to shift to another country, you should attest all your documents before you apply for VISA. If you are married, a marriage certificate is one of the essential documents that should get attested along with other documents attestation processes. No married person should avoid this legal process while opting for relocating to other countries. It is said that marriage certificate attestation enhances the credibility of a person in the destination country.


Here you need to hire a professional attestation service provider to complete the entire process smoothly. Genuine Attestation Service provides the necessary document attestation process without any hassle and at an affordable price. 


Requirement of marriage certificate attestation

Marriage certificate attestation is a process to validate the authenticity of the document as per the requirement of the Government of foreign countries. Once your marriage certificate gets attested, it becomes easy for you to arrange a family or spouse visa without trouble. So, if you want to relocate to other countries and stay with your spouse, your marriage certificate should get attested. 


Know the process of marriage certificate attestation

Marriage certificate attestation is an integral part of the document attestation process of a married individual. Like other certificates, marriage certificates should also get attested for your smooth visit to other countries. The certificate should get attested by Government officials before you apply for a visa. Marriage certificate registration augments your credibility in other countries, and your family will also get protection. Well, every individual who wants to relocate to a foreign country must understand the marriage certificate attestation process. Let us check the process below. 


First Stage

The officials of the Home Department of the concerned state primarily attest to the marriage certificates along with other personal documents like birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, etc. 


Second stage

Next, the marriage certificate and other documents should get attested by the Ministry of External Affairs. Once the Home Department attests the documents, you need to submit these documents to the MEA. The MEA officials will do the necessary verification and attach a stamp on the documents for attestation. 


Final Stage

Once your marriage certificate gets attested from the Home Department and MEA, you must opt for Embassy Attestation. It is the final stage of marriage certificate attestation.


Why do you need professional service for certificate attestation? 

Many inquire about the need to hire professionals for certificate attestation and often feel that they can complete the attestation process independently. But, it is a huge process that involves loads of rules and regulations. A professional service provider like Genuine Attestation Services will help customers in the smooth attestation of their documents.

The experts of attestation service providing companies are dedicated to their profession, and hence you can count on their services. The professionals possess the updated knowledge related to the rules and regulations of the document attestation. The professionals maintain the confidentiality of the documents of the clients and will be available at your service 24*7 hours.