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MEA Apostille Attestation

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Apostille Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

MEA Apostille Attestation Services  | Apostille Attestation 

MEA Apostille Attestation Services. Apostille Attestation  by Genuine Attestation Services. It provides mea apostille certification services in Delhi at an affordable price.

Apostille is the authentication of public documents which also includes notarized ones with the perspective to use them in Hague-related countries in all nations that have joined the Apostille Section of the Hague Convention. An apostille is defined as the international authentication that is acceptable within 117 countries of the world, mostly in the western part of the world. This authentication ensures that the public document to be attested is verified within the country of their origin.

If in case, any legal or public document that is issued within any part of India is intended to be utilized in any of the Hague convention countries, such as the UK, USA, and other European nations, it is obligatory to put Apostille stamp on the document from Ministry of Affairs in Delhi. You can get this attestation process done without any hassle but with reliable sources and assistance.

Apostille Attestation 

We at Genuine Attestation Services are one of the recognized attestation service providers all around Delhi. Possessing experienced and certified experts to assist the best, we provide you great aid in the context of Apostille Attestation Service for all countries. Our assistance comprises of entire solutions associated with MEA & Apostille service such as attestation, clearance, and other connected works. Our quality services will help you to complete the process in the minimum time period.

The Ministry of External Affairs possesses authority for validating original documents/true copies of documents with adhering to use them abroad. Ministry of External Affairs does attestation in two types:

  • Apostille
  • Normal Attestation

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With Genuine Attestation Services, you can get the best legalization for Philippines in Delhi with the assurance of complete documentation within the committed timeframe. Our team of specialists are well-aware with the dos & don’ts of the process required to verify your document comes under this.

Who Needs Certificate Apostille Attestation?

The certificate apostille attestation is one of the important processes of legalization of the documents which certifies your permission in the countries you are looking for. The apostille is required within below mentioned cases :-

  1. To get employment in abroad.
  2. For higher study in foreign country.
  3. For visa transfer.
  4. To attain family visa.

In order to get the Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs you need to have the mandatory educational documents with you. The list of documents is stated below –

  1. Degree Certificate
  2. PG Degree Certificate
  3. Diploma Certificate
  4. BE Certificate
  5. Nursing Certificate
  6. SSC Certificate
  7. Inter Certificate
  8. HSC Certificate
  9. MBBS Certificate
  10. MD Certificate
  11. Dentists Certificate
  12. Transcript Certificate
  13. Pharmacy Certificate
  14. MS Certificate
  15. Mark Sheets
  16. Engineering Certificate

Procedure Of Educational Document For Apostille Attestation Services

The procedure of legalization of the educational documents required for the apostille attestation is mentioned below :-

  1. Initially documents get attested from State Government/Union Territory (HRD/GAD)/NORKA.
  2. Thereafter, final authentication will be made by Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi

The list of non-educational documents required for the attestation apostille from MEA is stated below :-

  1. Salary Certificate
  2. Equivalence Certificate
  3. Transfer Certificate (TC)
  4. Death Certificate
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. Experience/ Employment Certificate
  7. Marriage Certificate
  8. Divorce Certificate
  9. Medical Certificate
  10. Single Status Certificate

Process Of Non-Educational Document For Apostille Attestation

The procedure of authentication of the non-educational documents required for the apostille attestation is listed below :-

  1. At first, validation needs to be done by the State Home Department/GAD of the concerned State Government/Union Territory.
  2. Further, Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi is the final authentication.

The important commercial documents required for the attestation apostille are :-

  1. Export Invoice
  2. Power Of Attorney
  3. Packaging List
  4. Certificate Of Origin
  5. Chemical Analysis Report
  6. Physical Analysis Report
  7. Certificate Of Incorporation

Procedure Of Commercial Document For Apostille Attestation By Govt of India

The ways of verification of the commercial documents required for the apostille attestation are stated below :-

  1. Respective Chamber of Commerce initially does the first authentication of document.
  2. Final attestation of document will be done by Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs. New Delhi.

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