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What Are The Documents Required For Embassy Attestation Service?

Embassy Attestation Document

03 Oct , 2023

What Are The Documents Required For Embassy Attestation Service?

Embassy Attestation Document


Hey everyone, hope you all doing great. In today's blog, we will discuss the documents required for embassy attestation. When we shift to the other country we require the embassy attestation certification. All of a person's documents are authenticated through the legal procedure of attestation. A person can gain legal entrance into any foreign country after completing the document attestation procedure. Those who want to move abroad for work, business, or higher education should be aware of the rules and guidelines that apply to the Embassy Attestation Certificate process.


The Embassy Attestation Document Process


Many people are unaware of the entire embassy attestation document process, therefore they need to consult experts to have the job done without any problems. You can speak with top-tier experts from Genuine Attestation Services if you also desire to relocate to another country for academic or professional reasons. The personnel at this company are up to date on the embassy attestation document process. The procedure of embassy attestation will be walked through step-by-step by the embassy attestation specialists. 


What are the documents required for embassy attestation?


It is essential to keep all the documents prepared for embassy attestation before you apply for the visa. You need to arrange all educational certificates, business documents, and personal certificates for the necessary authentication. 

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Attestation of educational certificates is mandatory for all who want to visit a foreign country. Educational documents like SSC, HSC, certificate of all professional courses, UG Degrees, Management Degrees, Post Graduate Degrees, Diploma Degrees, Engineering degrees, a degree in Nursing, and Ph.D. Degree, Technical Degree and Pharmacy. 

Once you arrange all the degree certificates, you need to understand the process to attest to these certificates. 

  1. At first, the experts will present these educational certificates to the executives of the HRD department of the concerned state. The officials of the HRD will do the necessary attestation to these documents. 
  2. After HRD attestation, these educational documents should be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs of the country of origin. These certificates will finally be attested by the officials of the Embassy of the foreign country. 

Non-education document required for embassy attestation


Besides educational documents, other non-educational documents need to be attested by the concerned authorities. All personal documents like marriage certificates, divorce certificates, birth certificates, employment certificates, and migration certificates should be attested to get legal entry into a foreign country. 

If you have hired professionals for the embassy attestation document process, they will guide you in getting your documents attested without any hassle. 

At first, the personal documents are submitted to the Home Department or SDM of the concerned state for attestation. Once the officials of the HRD do the necessary attestation, these documents are sent to MEA for attestation. 

Finally, the Embassy of the destination conducts the final attestation. 


Commerce and related documents required for Embassy Attestation


If you plan to extend your business to other countries and start a new venture over there, business document attestation is mandatory. So, keep ready all the commercial papers like Trade licenses, Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, ROC submission, Articles of Association and tax-related documents for the required attestation.

First, all your business documents need to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce. Then the officials of the Ministry of External Affairs will do the necessary attestation. Finally, these documents get attested by the Embassy of the destination country. 

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