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What Are HRD Attestation And Why You Need It?

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What Are HRD Attestation And Why You Need It?

What Are HRD Attestation And Why You Need It?

HRD or Human Resource Development is a government body that is controlled by the central government of the country. HRD attestations are state-level procedures that can be authorized only by the highest ranking officials from the ministry. Applicants have to submit their degrees and other educational or career related documents to be attested and verified before applying for foreign locations.

Who Needs HRD Attestation? 

Are you planning to go aboard? Have you applied for foreign universities or have received a job opportunity somewhere outside the country and want to apply for a visa? Well, getting your documents attested by the HRD ministry is one of the preliminary steps for achieving that. For instance, if you are planning a trip to the Middle East, you’ll need to apply attestation for Kuwait Embassy. The state level attestation legalizes and approves the submitted documents. Everyone from students to businessmen and common people who’re applying for a visa needs HRD attestation.

Why Do You Need HRD Attestation? 

HRD attestations are a necessary procedure that must be completed by anyone who is looking for academic or career related opportunities abroad. The attested documents are proof of your authenticity and citizenship. It is on the basis of the HRD attestation that your visa- be it work visa, student visa or other permits will be granted by the foreign country. When applying for a visa you need to present legal and authorized education certificates that are duly signed and stamped by the state government officials. The rules may differ from country to country. If you want to apply for Middle Eastern countries like Oman you need to check rules pertaining to attestation for Oman.

How to Apply for HRD Attestation Services?

You cannot straightaway submit your documents to the HRD department. Applicants have to first get to verified by the local officials and university level administrative bodies. It sounds like an exhaustive process, but is actually very beneficial for the avoiding any confusion in the future. With attestations from both local and state-level authorities, you’re application has an added credibility and better chances of getting approved at the embassy. For HRD attestation you need to;

Degree Attestation Services  

Here the certificates, academic and non-academic are verified, checked and attested. This might include documents like mark sheets, degree certificates, marriage certificates, POWs, affidavits, birth certificates, divorce papers, patents, business agreements and more 

HRD Attestation Process

HRD attestation takes but a day. It is a simple, forthright, though exhausting process that requires the applicant to submit some documents along with his certificates. You’ll be required to bring your original certificates along with Xerox copies of each and two photographs. These attestations can be legalized only by the secretariat and then has to be sent to the Ministry of External Affairs for further verification.