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UAE Embassy Attestation Services in Delhi (INDIA)

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Attestation for UAE | UAE Embassy Attestation Services in Delhi

UAE Embassy Attestation Services in Delhi (INDIA)

UAE Embassy Attestation |  Attestation Services for UAE in Delhi 


UAE embassy attestation. Attestation services for uae in Delhi. Genuine attestation provides UAE embassy attestation services in Delhi. We are the best attestation service provider for the UAE embassy.

Genuine Attestation Services is a recognized company all around India for rendering all types of services for UAE Embassy Attestation; the services we deal with are Certificate Attestation Services For UAE, UAE Embassy Attestation Services, and Document attestation services for UAE in Delhi, India.


Numerous people from around the world migrate to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) either in search of work or to live a better life. The document which is necessary to present in UAE with context to your purpose of going there is authenticated first at the HRD of the respective state where a document is originated, thereafter it is attested at the Ministry of External Affairs and then finally, the UAE embassy attests that document.


Why Do You Need Attestation For UAE?


Here are the reasons why you need an attestation for UAE -


1. For Studying in the UAE


Attestation for UAE  is highly beneficial for those who wish to pursue their higher studies in UAE.


2. Admission to Schools


It assists in getting admissions within schools in the UAE and getting equivalent certificates for your child.


3. Chance to Work


It aids you in attaining an employment visa and hence raises work opportunities to open up in the UAE.


4. Residence


It acts as a great help within your plans of getting settled in UAE by obtaining a residence visa for yourself and your family.


What Are The Documents Required For UAE Attestation? 


There are some documents required for UAE embassy attestation. The documents are listed below -


  1. Professional Degree Certificate
  2. PG Degree Certificate
  3. Management Degree Certificate
  4. Hotel Management Certificate
  5. Diploma Degree Certificate
  6. UG Degree Certificate
  7. Engineering Degree Certificate
  8. Technical Degree Certificate
  9. Law Degree Certificate
  10. Medical Degree Certificate
  11. PhD Degree Certificate


What Is The Procedure For Getting Educational Attestation For UAE?


The procedure for getting educational attestation for UAE is- 


  1. At the initial level, it is obligatory to attest the document from the Human Resource Department of the state, where the document originated.
  2. Thereafter, the document should be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi
  3. At last, the final attestation should be made by the UAE Embassy, New Delhi.


Document Required For Non-Educational Attestation For UAE


  1. Medical Certificate
  2. Equivalence Certificate
  3. Single Status Certificate
  4. Divorce Certificate
  5. Salary Certificate
  6. Marriage Certificate
  7. Transfer Certificate (TC)
  8. Birth Certificate
  9. Death Certificate
  10. Experience / Employment Certificate


Process To Get Non-Educational Documents for UAE 


  1. At the very first, the process of attestation of the document is initiated by the Home Department of the state, from where the document is issued.
  2. Ministry of External Affairs, approves the certificate attestation For UAE.
  3. The last attestation is done at the Embassy of UAE, New Delhi.


What Are The Document Required For Commercial Attestation for UAE?


  • Power of Attorney
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Physical Analysis Report
  • Packaging List
  • Export Invoice
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Chemical Analysis Report


Procedure for Getting Commercial Documents 


  1. The process of attestation is initiated in the respective chamber of commerce
  2. Thereafter, a particular document will be attested at the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi
  3. Final attestation will be made by the Embassy of UAE, New Delhi.

Attestation Services For UAE In Delhi 


The procedure of document attestation can be difficult and time-consuming. Herein lies the role of Delhi attestation agencies. By offering the following services, they expedite the entire process:


  • Expertise:  Attestation firms have in-depth knowledge of the particular specifications and subtleties of the UAE attestation procedure. They are able to effectively assist candidates with the procedure.
  • Convenience: By providing a one-stop shop, these organisations guarantee that all required procedures—from notarization to final embassy attestation—are completed.
  • Time-saving: When done alone, document attestation might take several weeks or even months. The knowledge and contacts that attestation firms possess enable them to speed up the procedure.
  • Error Prevention: Delays or rejections may result from even the smallest mistake during the attestation procedure. By guaranteeing that papers are error-free, attestation companies lessen the likelihood of problems.
  • Peace of Mind: By working with a seasoned organisation, people may avoid the anxiety and worry that comes with document attestation and instead concentrate on their preparations for the UAE.

Why Genuine Attestation Services for Attestation For UAE?


Choosing us will never regret your decision. We are among on those agencies where people trust us in good faith and we make sure your attestation work will be done at any cost. The reasons for choosing us are- 


  • We have done more than 10,000 document attestations for the UAE.
  • We have more than 10,000 happy clients.
  • We provide the pick-up and drop service of the documents.
  • We provide all types of attestation work related to UAE embassy attestation.
  • We provide the service of attestation in more than 100 countries. 




Genuine Attestation Services is a recognized company in India that offers UAE embassy attestation services in Delhi. They provide Certificate Attestation Services For UAE, UAE Embassy Attestation Services, and Document attestation services for UAE in Delhi. UAE attestation is essential for various reasons, including studying in UAE, obtaining admission to schools, obtaining employment visas, and obtaining a residence visa. The required documents for UAE embassy attestation include a Professional Degree Certificate, PG Degree Certificate, Management Degree Certificate, Hotel Management Certificate, Diploma Degree Certificate, UG Degree Certificate, Engineering Degree Certificate, Technical Degree Certificate, Law Degree Certificate, Medical Degree Certificate, and PhD Degree Certificate. The process for obtaining educational attestation involves attesting from the Human Resource Department of the state, approval from the Ministry of External Affairs, and final attestation by the UAE Embassy, New Delhi. For non-educational attestation, the process starts with the Home Department of the state, followed by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, and the UAE Embassy. Commercial attestation requires a Power of Attorney, Certificate of Incorporation, Physical Analysis Report, Packaging List, Export Invoice, Certificate of Origin, and Chemical Analysis Report. Delhi attestation agencies offer expert assistance, convenience, time-saving, error prevention, and peace of mind by ensuring all required procedures are completed. Genuine Attestation Services has done over 10,000 document attestations for the UAE, has over 10,000 satisfied clients, provides pick-up and drop services, and offers attestation services in over 100 countries.


Get your attestation work from the Attestation service provider for UAE. We deliver the document at fast and at an affordable price. If you are someone who wants to visit UAE to study, live or stay there and need attestation certification, Call us or mail us we are happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Q.1: Is attestation mandatory for UAE visa?

If you have a degree from a university outside the UAE, you must get it authenticated by both the ministry of foreign affairs in your home country and the UAE Embassy.

Q.2: What are the documents required for UAE embassy attestation?

These all Documents are required for Uae embassy Attestation Professional Degree Certificate PG Degree Certificate Management Degree Certificate Hotel Management Certificate Diploma Degree Certificate UG Degree Certificate Engineering Degree Certificate Technical Degree Certificate Law Degree Certificate Medical Degree Certificate PhD Degree Certificate

Q.3: Why Is embassy attestation needed?

In order for a document to be properly acknowledged, embassy attestation is the process of confirming the validity of documents issued in a nation. This procedure is necessary since it is challenging for the authority or department to ascertain whether the document is genuine or not.

Q.4: How much is the attestation in UAE embassy?

The cost of degree certificate attestation for UAE varies from state to state. However, the state authorities charge different fees, and it totally depends upon their regulations.

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