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All You Need To Know About UAE Embassy Attestation

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All You Need To Know About UAE Embassy Attestation


All You Need To Know About UAE Embassy Attestation 

UAE embassy attestation is a document verification process by the UAE embassy before entering the UAE. So, if you are applying for a UAE visa for personal or professional reasons, you need to do the UAE embassy attestation. In this blog, you will get all the information regarding this topic. 


When Is UAE  Embassy Attestation Required?

The following situations necessitate UAE embassy attestation:

  • Work Visa: If you intend to travel to the UAE in search of work, you will require certificate attestation for the UAE.

  • Business Visa: If you want to grow or build a business in the UAE, you'll need a certificate attestation.

  • Student Visa: Another reason for the UAE embassy attestation is to obtain a student visa. 


Types Of Documents 

The protocol for UAE embassy attestation varies with the document types. Following are the three categories of the documents: 

  • Educational Documents: They include academic certificates such as degrees, diploma certificates, SSLC certificates, high school certificates, etc. 

  • Personal Documents: These documents include birth/death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, medical certificates, etc. 

  • Commercial Documents: These documents include paperwork regarding your business, certificate of origin, invoices, incorporation, etc. 


Procedure For UAE Embassy Attestation 

There are three different procedures for UAE embassy attestation according to the document types. A brief explanation of all of them is following: 


Educational Certificate Attestation 

You need to verify your educational certificates if you want to seek higher education or apply for a job in the UAE. The procedure for academic certificate attestation for UAE is following: 


Regional Level: The attestation process for the UAE embassy attestation begins at the regional level. The authority who issued the original certificate will perform the first verification step. A university or school is the primary entity for attestation of educational documents. 


State Level: After attestation of your original documents from your university or school, you must verify them by the state education department (HRD). It is the state level attestation for the UAE embassy attestation. 


Ministry Of External Affairs (MEA): The MEA will attest to your documents after HRD. Your documents, after attestation, will have an MEA stamp for identification. It is the last step of verification from the home country's government. 


UAE Embassy: The UAE embassy performs the last step of verification in the home country, wherein your documents will have the seal and signature of the UAE embassy. The UAE embassy is in New Delhi. 


Personal Certificate Attestation 

If you have to verify your personal certificate, then you need to go through the following steps: 


State Home Department/Sub-Division Magistrate (SDM): You can go to the state home department or SDM (case-specific) to verify your documents. 


Ministry of External Affairs (MEA): You need to get a stamp and signature from the MEA of India. 


UAE Embassy: The last step is to get your documents attested by the UAE embassy. 


Commercial Document Attestation  

Similar to other cases, the commercial document attestation process has a few steps where your original documents are verified and stamped by the designated authority. These steps are:  


Chamber Of Commerce: The first authority for document verification is the chamber of commerce. 


Ministry Of External Affairs (MEA): The following authority in the attestation process is the MEA. 


UAE Embassy: The last step in the commercial document attestation is the UAE embassy attestation. 


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