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Guide To the Saudi Embassy Attestation Process And The Measures Taken

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Guide To the Saudi Embassy Attestation Process And The Measures Taken

Guide To the Saudi Embassy Attestation Process And The Measures Taken

The middle east is a place, where tourists and travelers think twice before taking a step forward. However, Saudi Arabia is a country where religion and culture is the king, before an individual takes a step, doing a good amount of research important. There are many things, rules and regulation you need to follow, and you have obeyed their law and system, in order to eat, live and stay in the country

Truth to be told, over 1.4million Indians call Saudi Arabia their second home, as they keep travel back and forth for work, education, and are migrated to the country. Therefore, if you too are planning to pay a visit, to this Middle Eastern country, you need to go through the Saudi Embassy Attestation method, no matter what your purpose of the visit is. The procedure is compulsory and you have to follow the method step-by-by, as it will be directed to you.

In order to start, you have to provide all the original set of documents under education, non-education, and commercial category, which are required to be attested by the higher-ups. However, getting your documents attested can be a roller coaster ride for you, if you do not carry the right knowledge. That is why, joining hands the most trusted attestation agency, of the country, will help you stay on the right track.

Documents Required to be Attested

In order to step foot on the Arabian soil, all the documents for each of the three sections, differ from each other, and you have to offer all the documentation, which you will be requested to deliver. For the educational section, you need to provide certificates on Engineering, Technical, Ph.D., Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Law, Management, and Hotel management certificates, respectively.

 For the non-education section, you need to deliver, Birth certificate, Salary certificate, Marriage and Divorce certificate, Experience certificate, and Transfer certificate. The commercial section requires, Power of attorney, Export invoice, Physical analysis report, Certificate origin, Chemical analysis report, etc. 

The Saudi Embassy Attestation service for documents will go through the offices, of the Human resource department (Educational), Home department (Non-educational), and the Chamber of commerce (Commercial), respectively. The second attestation will be done by the Ministry of External Affairs, and the last attestation will be done, from the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in New Delhi.

Understanding the Process of the Attestation from UAE Embassy

Unlike the attestation services for Saudi Arabia, the Attestation from UAE Embassy, carries the same methods and procedures, in order to gain access to this middle-eastern nation. Since Saudi Arabia and UAE are neighbors, their laws and regulations are slightly different, from each other. Being much advance than its neighbor, in order to pay a visit to this beautiful tourist’s destination, you have provided all the necessary documents, which falls under the educational, non-education and commercial sections. 

The attestation process all the documents will go through three levels, which is the HRD for educational, Home department for non-educational, and Chamber of commerce for commercial. After the documents are attested from their respective 1st level, the 2nd level will be the same for all three, which is the Ministry of External Affairs. After these two main phases are complete, the 3rd and final attestation will be done by the Embassy of UAE, located in New Delhi. 

Get Your Documents Attested from a Reputed Agency

Whether it is Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates, you need to validate all your documents, before entering any of the countries. Therefore, verifying documents can be a stress-full and time-consuming job, for which outsourcing the services, of an attestation agency, will enable you to work on the right track.


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