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Certificate Attestation Services

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Certificate Attestation in Delhi, India

Certificate Attestation in Delhi | Attestation For UAE and Kuwait

All of the India originated documents that are affiliated from the Indian government intended to be produced within another nation for any of the purposes needs to be attested. This attestation process provides a seal that this specific document can be present in front of foreign officials and they cannot prove it fake or false.

People went from one nation to another all around world just to explore or for some official purpose. Some move to other countries leaving their own either to get higher education or for better job opportunities. Whatever be the reason of their travel is, certificate attestation process is very much essential to do. Genuine Attestation Services can assists you best in this attestation process. Our professionals provides the best certificate attestation in Delhi and make sure that everything gets done appropriately so that our clients will not face any complications in other country with regards to their certificate or attestation.

Types Of Certificate Attestation Services By GAS

Usually, attestation process goes through three stages or we can say any documents intended to be present in other country needs 3 attestation, which are as follows:

State Attestation

Depending upon the type of document and purpose behind moving to other nation, relevant state attestation is necessary before MEA attestation. At initial stage of certificate attestation process, certificate or document needs to be attested from HRD department of respective state from where it has been issued. For e.g. in case of educational documents, attestation needs to be done from State Education Department. If it’s about personal document then attestation will done from Home Department or General Administration Department of the concerned state.

MEA Attestation or Apostille

Attestation of document from Ministry of External Affairs or Apostille can be done only after document gets attested from respective state regulatory.

Embassy Attestation 

Process of certificate attestation ends at Embassy attestation and specific document gets attested from concerned embassy only after MEA attestation.

Attestation For UAE

We provide attestation service for UAE. All the document are verified by UAE embassy attestation. For more details on UAE Attestation.

Attestation For Kuwait

Genuine Attestation Services provide attestation for kuwait and for other countries also. A document certification, embassy certification and attestation certification reqquired for living, studying and staying in kuwait.

Why Certificate Attestation is required?

Certificate attestation is also popular as authentication or legalization of certificate. Certification attestation is required in following cases:

  1. To get employment in abroad.
  2. To pursue higher education in foreign country.
  3. Certification attestation for visa transfer.
  4. Certification attestation to attain family visa.
  5. To get admission within schools of foreign country.

Trusted Agency for Certificate Attestation in Delhi

Genuine Attestation Services can assists you best in this attestation process. Our expert professionals provide best certificate attestation services and we make sure that everything gets done appropriately so that our clients will not face any complications in another country. You can chat on our whatsapp or mail us anytime.

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