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Degree Attestation Services in Delhi (INDIA)

Whenever anybody plans to move to other country either for doing higher education or for employment opportunities, they have to present their all of India originated documents there and that too with attestation. Attestation process provides that seal that the specific documents are genuine and can be shown in front of foreign officials.

Why Certification or Degree Attestation is required?

Certificate Attestation is referred to as legalization and authentication of educational documents and it is required in the following cases:-

  1. To get employment within abroad
  2. To get higher education in the foreign nation
  3. To serve the purpose of visa transfer
  4. To obtain a residence visa for you and your family

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  1. MS Certificate
  2. Mark Sheets
  3. BE Certificate
  4. Degree Certificate
  5. Diploma Certificate
  6. Nursing Certificate
  7. SSC Certificate
  8. MD Certificate
  9. HSC Certificate
  10. Inter Certificate
  11. Engineering Certificate
  12. Dentists Certificate
  13. Pharmacy Certificate
  14. Transcript Certificate
  15. PG Degree Certificate
  16. MBBS Certificate

The procedure of attestation consists of 3 steps. This can be further understand via following -

1. State Attestation

State attestation needs to be done before MEA attestation and in this; specific educational document will be attested from State Educational Department of the respective state from where it is issued.

2. MEA Attestation

Attestation of document from Ministry of External Affairs or Apostille can be done only after document gets attested from respective state regulatory.

3. Embassy Attestation

Embassy attestation from the concerned embassy based in New Delhi will be done at the end and after MEA attestation.

We at Genuine Attestation Services can help you out in this context by rendering quality and reliable attestation services keeping your original documents safe and secure with us. We are backed with a team of young and talented professionals who are fully knowledgeable about the process of educational document attestation process and thus provide satisfactory services.

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