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Kuwait Embassy Attestation Services

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Kuwait Embassy Attestation

Kuwait Embassy Attestation | Kuwait Attestation Services

Kuwait embassy attestation. Kuwait attestation services. Genuine attestation services provide Kuwait attestation services from the Kuwait embassy.

Kuwait Embassy Attestation is required when you want to travel to Kuwait for Job or education purposes. Your educational or non-educational documents must be attested by this Embassy in New Delhi India. Legalization for Kuwait is paramount before moving out of India to this Gulf country for any of the legalized professional purposes. There is a certain procedure to be followed in order to attest your document from this embassy.

Best Kuwait Embassy Attestation

We at Genuine Attestation Services offer full fledge services for Attestation services for Kuwait or all those who are dreaming to fly to this Gulf country for any reason. Our adept team of experts answers all your questions with proficient advice which helps you in traveling to Kuwait without any dilemma.

Kuwait Attestation Services

Whether you are traveling for short-term jobs or long-term settlements in Kuwait, it is vital that your educational or non-educational documents are attested by the Authorised Kuwait Embassy office situated in New Delhi. The primary purposes of the attestation of documents from the Kuwait embassy are as follows:-

  1. For validating an Employment Visa offer from Kuwait
  2. It is required for a Resident Visa if you are planning to reside in Kuwait.
  3. Mandatory for obtaining higher education in Kuwait.
  4. Required if your children are to take admitted to Kuwait public schools.

The type of documents get attested by the Kuwait Embassy

There are three types of documents that come under Attestation for the Kuwait Embassy. Educational documents, non-educational documents, and commercial documents. The procedure for both types are slightly different and needs to be done likewise.

Steps for attestation of educational documents from the embassy of Kuwait

  1. Documents need to be attested first by HRD Attestation of the respective state
  2. Then it is to be attested from MEA at New Delhi.
  3. Then the documents to be finally attested by The Embassy of Kuwait from The New Delhi office.

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  1. Non-educational documents like Marriage Certificate Attestation, Birth Certificates are to be attested from the Home Department of the respective state.
  2. Then it is to be attested from MEA ( Ministry of External Affairs) at New Delhi.
  3. Finally, it gets attested by Kuwait Embassy Office at New Delhi.

In order to be attested from Embassy of Kuwait, there are certain official charges levied upon the person applying for attestation. The charges depend upon the type of documents and you will come to know when you walk-in to the office of Kuwait Embassy.

Steps of attestation by Kuwait Embassy for Commercial certificates

When we say commercial certificates it denotes the following certificates but limited to the list :-

  1. Agreement between two business entity
  2. Certificate of Registration of a Business
  3. Origin Certificate
  4. NOC ( No Objection certificate)
  5. GST ( Goods Service Tax Certificate)

Steps for Attestation from Kuwait Embassy

First the documents are to be attested by respective Chamber of Commerce. Thereafter, they are to be attested by MEA. Finally, they are to be attested from Kuwait Embassy office in New Delhi.

How to Do Attestation of Documents from Kuwait Embassy?

There is a certain procedure being followed in order to attest your documents from the Embassy of Kuwait situated in New Delhi, India.  You can take help of Attestation Service agencies in India. The process of legalization for Kuwait takes time and hence you need to be mentally prepared for this n order to get your document attested from Kuwait Embassy. Else you can call us anytime for the attestation of your documents. Call us once. We will be in touch with you till your documents reached your home after getting attested from Kuwait Embassy. We take a little service charge for our job which will not only save your money traveling to Kuwait Embassy but it will save you precious time.

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